Youth groups against dating violence

There are 66 DVDs, 19 curriculums, and 64 books available.Click the links below to see the list and print the form to check out materials.

Studies show that 84 percent of participants who reported digital abuse also reported examples of psychological or verbal and emotional abusive behaviors in their relationships.Dating Violence is the use of harassing, controlling, and/or abusive behavior to maintain power and control over a partner in a romantic relationship.Anyone can be a victim of dating violence, regardless of age, race, or gender.Here a few suggestions: Educate yourself Teens talk about relationships with an entirely different vocabulary. But knowing the core facts and warning signs about dating abuse you will have some foundational knowledge, even when your language and descriptions may not match.For example, abuse can occur in several forms: physical, verbal or emotional, sexual and digital — the use of technology and digital communications — like excessive texting and demanding social media passwords, to name a few.

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