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These entries discuss: a important sites b thematics on aspects of society or culture c archaeological practices d biographies of famous Egyptologists e buildings f geographical features See also references at the end of each entry will lead you to related topics.

There is also a list of further reading following each entry, which includes foreign- language sources as well as references available in English.

At Boston University, technical help with computer files was provided by Qadeer Hassan, Sarah Mascia, Ann-Eliza Lewis and Ben Thomas.

John Ziemba and Lea Koonce cheerfully sent many faxes for me.

I would first like to thank all contributors who wrote their entries in a timely manner, and those who cheerfully volunteered to write several entries, especially Manfred Bietak, Ed Brovarski, Karl Butzer, Rosalie David, Rodolfo Fattovich, Abdel Monem Gomaa, Zahi Hawass, Christian Holzl, Timothy Kendall, Leonard and Barbara Lesko, Peter Der Manuelian, Bill Peck, Friederike Kampp Seyfried, Steve Sidebotham, Stephen Thompson, Rob Wenke, Bruce Williams, Frank Yurco, and the late I. This volume could not have been finished without the editing assistance of Steven Blake Shubert, who, although he came in on the project at a late date, worked with much dedication and a good eye for details. A number of professors and former graduate students in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Toronto, where I studied Egyptian archaeology, were supportive and pleased to contribute to this volume.

Steven's cheerfulness and reliability are greatly appreciated. Richard Fazzini and Donald Redford graciously served as project advisors and also suggested the names of possible contributors.

Stylistic features The following stylistic features have been employed in the Encyclopedia: a metric measurements, such as km, m, cm and so on. c Entries are listed by their most familiar place name.

Sometimes this is the Greek name for the town, e.g.

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The late Bernard Bothmer offered encouragement to the project in its early stages.

Butzer University of Texas, Austin Georges Castel Instituit Francais d'Archeologie Oriental, Cairo Alfredo Castiglioni Centro Ricerche sul Deserto Orientale, Italy Angelo Castiglioni Centro Ricerche sul Deserto Orientale, Italy Sylvie Cauville Angela E. Edwardst Dieter Eigner Josef Eiwanger Kommission fur Allgemeine und Vergleichende Archaologie des Deutschen Archaologischen Instituts, Bonn Christopher Ellis Rodolfo Fattovich Istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples Christine Favard-Meeks Richard A.

Close University of Washington Eugene Cruz-Uribe Northern Arizona University Elvira D'Amicone Museum of Ancient Egypt, Turin Rosalie David Manchester Museum, University of Manchester Leo Depuydt Brown University William Dever University of Arizona Aidan Dodson University of Bristol Anna Maria Donadoni Roveri Museum of Ancient Egypt, Turin Peter Dorman University of Chicago, Luxor Giinter Dreyer Germany Archaeological Institute, Cairo Margaret Drower I. Fazzini Brooklyn Museum of art Erika Feucht Institute of Egyptology, Heidelberg Renee Friedman British Museum, London Creighton Gabel Boston University Luc Gabolde CNRS.

My colleagues in the Department of Archaeology and the African Studies Center, Farouk El-Baz in the Center for Remote Sensing, and a number of my students were encouraging and interested in the project.

During my sabbatical leave at the University of Chicago in 1995-96, the project benefitted from discussions with colleagues at the Oriental Institute, and the help of Chuck Jones in the Oriental Institute Archives.

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