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If the mention of adding audio to websites gives you pause, let me explain.I’m not talking about adding cheesy background music to an animated-GIF-laden Geo Cities site.Do you have audio files you want to share with your audience? unless you resort to frustrating trickery like sharing an audio file in Dropbox or converting it to video.But if you’re hosting your own Word Press website, nothing could be easier.These include embeddable players by third parties (including audio library sites), and Word Press plugins.These give the benefit of additional features, and the ability to use audio from library sites.

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A lot of sweat and tears have been shed to create the converter.

Single page app frameworks such as or will not work.

Or if you like to code your frontend (html,js,css) the good ol' way by hand, this works as well.

Conversion examples can be viewed here, but the best way to see what the converted source code looks like is to convert a site.

If you don't have a website to convert or just wanna test it quickly, you can use one of the themes at:

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