Wmp retrieving media information and updating files Toilet sex webcam chat room

There would be another a little less hacky solution, which is to write a plugin for WMP, let my users download that plugin and retrieve the data from that plugin.I'd rather not go there, since I have no experience with any of the C languages, nor do I feel like digging into plugin documentations for this. I don't remember where I read about it, nor can I find it via google, since all results are "Is Zune a virus? Once again, I run into the problem that I wouldn't know how to work with this even I had documentation on it, heck, if it's even what I have been looking for.var microsoft = microsoft

The info displays correctly in windows media player.

Open Run box, type the following and hit Enter to open the troubleshooting wizard which will help trouble-shoot DVD playing problems: Click Next to run the Troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions.

TIP: If your OS does not include them, you may download them here from Microsoft: WMP Settings | WMP Library | WMP Fix DVD issues.

This is obviously not a great solution, since it'll take a while and it's not very reliable either, (what if the song name contains a date for example) The next problem is that it's not consistent either, sometimes the title just stays Zune for minutes long. It's a simple console application (78 lines of code).

Steps: 1) implements a basic COM object implementing IUnknown, IOle Client Site, IService Provider and IWMPRemote Media Services.

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