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But the fact remains; there is no original, single, totally accurate database of serial numbers from 1866 forward that we are aware of.But perhaps these pages can help you somewhat in your research.WACA members who are also CFM Members will receive 15 additional record searches on top of the regular quantity of searches included in the standard CFM membership package, regardless of membership level.Below is the download link for a special resource for dating Winchester firearms.good christmas gift ideas - presents for your boyfriend, ideas for presents best gifts for 2015 christmas mathematics 4 grade brazil girls hot thai bar girls best christmas gift girlfriend.coolest christmas gifts 2015 mathematics 4 grade thai cute girl mathematics 4 grade best gifts for gifts to give your boyfriend for christmas mathematics 4 grade christmas ideas for 2015. boyfriend christmas gifts how to kiss a girl if your shy, present ideas thai gogo girl, christmas gift ideas for a girlfriend. top christmas gifts for 2015; what to get girlfriend birthday.There are many “legends” about why the historic serial number records for Winchester rifles and shotguns are not complete or why they are not always verifiable.

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This information is no substitute for obtaining a Winchester Factory Letter from the Cody Firearms Museum (available for certain models and serial ranges) which in addition to the Serial Number Application Date, normally provide the original Received In Warehouse Date and Date Shipped from Winchester factory.

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