Who is zara phillips dating

Zara, 30, coming under ever increasing pressure to have a ring on her engagement fi nger, would always bat away questions about marriage with the stock response: “You’ll have to ask Mike.”MOVING into their own home, an £800,000 regency townhouse in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in the summer of 2009, proved to be a catalyst for Mike.When the announcement of the engagement came last December a few days before Christmas, Zara was still surprised, describing at the time how she was “shocked” but “very happy”.

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In Mike though, she has more than met her match.“They both understand each mother and that’s what counts. And her ring is so much prettier than the millstone William settled Kate with!(Don’t you also love it how her nails are not made within an inch of their lives?The couple met at the rugby World Cup in Sydney in 2003 where Tindall, as the only single man in the squad, was introduced to Zara by her cousin Prince Harry.Teammates Martin Corry and Austin Healey played matchmaker, giving Mike Zara’s mobile number claiming she wanted him to text her. Zara had not expressed much interest in the sociable centre nicknamed The Fridge for his sheer 6ft 1in, 16st bulk.

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