Who is lloyd the singer dating now dating blogs black women

The two have not officially spoken about the nature of their connection, but judging by the looks, they could well be dating.

However, if their dating relationship holds true, the fans are also excited to know, if they have any marriage plans and are equally eager to know as to when the two could be sharing a husband-wife relationship with one another.

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However, he has been involved in several other romantic relationships in the past.

There are however, many facts about Zayn and his love-life that you probably didn’t know.

The hot heartthrob has had his fair share of hook-ups and relationships whilst growing up in the limelight.

He and his "The Sandlot 2" co-star Samantha Burton dated for a year in 2005 until 2006.

However, they did not reveal anything about the making and breaking of the relationship between them.

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