Who is linda hogan currently dating

Brooke Ellen Bollea, better known by her stage name Brooke Hogan, is an American reality television star, actress, singer-songwriter, media personality, and former professional wrestler. She even got engaged with Phil Costa but couldn’t continue their relationship and got ended on November.

She was born on May 5, 1988 (age 28 years) in Tampa, Florida, United States. Brooke Hogan was linked up with various celebrities like Zest Boy, Colby O’Donis, and Stacks.

Being a good mother, activist, and public speaker are all things won't be seen in the media but are what her life now consists of.

She's a fascinating character, albeit a bit quirky...

Her niece Brooke Hogan also had her own show, "Brooke Knows Best", which premiered after the series ending of "Hogan Knows Best" where she first appeared.

When she wasn't acting, Christie Claridge also had a career in fashion modeling, which again is not unlike her niece who has taken very well to her own version of the spotlight.

"I could understand if she was sewing her wild oats or having a wild phase of whatever," she said.

"But it's the crowd and everything that goes along with it.

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However, her given name is what connects her to another stage presence -- Her sister.Brooke Hogan was born on May 5, 1988 (age 28 years) in Tampa, Florida, United States to Hulk Hogan & Linda Hogan. While her divorce from Hulk Hogan sent out a media spiral of devastation and trouble for her and her family, she developed a sense of independence all her own.What makes her such an interesting person is what goes on behind the scenes, though -- All the things that make her Linda Hogan without the fame attached to her last name.While there was much sympathy surrounding her divorce in 2009 and the circumstances that led to it, she has proven that her interests and passions go far beyond what her married life was.

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