Who is john mayer dating right now

For now, John Mayer is dating another pop singer Katy Perry.

This duo went through struggle when Mayer turned Taylor Swift down while Katy was busy with the divorce petition.

Swift wrote, “Dear John, I see it all/now it was wrong don’t you think nineteen is too young/to be played by your dark twisted games/when I loved you so? John, if this is you, it seems like you really know how to pull at the heart strings.

However, there were many women before Swift and there have been many women since Swift.

We hope John and Katy be together forever and do not end their relationship soon!

American singer, songwriter, and music producer John Mayer was born on in Bridgeport, Connecticut. John Mayer’s father is Richard Mayer and the name of John’s mother is Margaret Mayer.

If you want to see if someone is dating him seriously, here we also include hot news of his girlfriend and name list.

So, without further delaying, we go through his column right now!

Soon after being together with Rhona Mitra, he was rumored to be seeing Nick Lachey, but there was no proof.

These two reality stars hooked up, but the exact information about them never came out.https://twitter.com/Katie_Krause/status/808928814382325760John linked with Taylor Swift as well.

As they faced widespread criticism by the mass public, they ended their relationship publicly through Twitter.

The love life of them bloomed for a year starting in 2008.

The song named ‘Shadow Days’ by John is reportedly for Aniston.

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