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Now, every time I go to Dallas there's a place I go to called Dolly Python that my friend Gretchen owns. Even as a young kid I'd go to MJ Designs [a now-defunct Dallas crafts store that was once part of Michael's] and buy things, and I was always making things.Gratitude off of Oak Cliff is also really amazing."Let's talk about your Low Luv jewelry line. But I think it was Alex [Wang] that really put the fire under my ass last season.He said he'd done a lot of dresses with cutouts on the side, and I thought it would be interesting.So, it was kind of the idea of having jewelry on, but it was really mysterious, and you didn't really know what was going on and there were these chains popping out in weird places, and you didn't know where it started and where it ended, but there was still something present there.This coming Fashion Week, Wasson will once again be joining Wang backstage, but not as a stylist; instead she'll be accenting his designs with pieces from Low Luv's latest collection.Naturally, we pressed her for more details…What's on your wish list?Alex is doing a lot of things with open backs, so that helps me out.

"It's still body jewelry, but it's definitely a little more abstract this season, and a little bit tougher.

She really understands a woman’s body, and I knew this was going to be a dress that was going to allow me to feel very much me.

Admitting it was a daunting task finding the dress of her dreams, the 36-year-old, who has been dating Bart for two years, tried on numerous gowns before deciding on not one, but two designs from the British fashion house for both of her big days.

A.-based Lone Star has come to embody a certain rough-around-the-edges West Coast cool punctuated by deconstructed denim cut-offs, ski caps, and loose basic tees and tanks.

Somehow the dirty-blonde beauty finds time to squeeze in high-profile modeling assignments for the likes of Maybelline and every fashion mag under the sun.

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