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Talking about his wife, Kiran, Aamir had recently shared how Kiran helped him get out of his depression post-divorce with Reena.

He was quoted as saying, "In that moment of trauma, her phone came, and I talked to her on the phone for half an hour. I feel so happy when I talk to her.’ It struck me in that instant that when I am talking to her I am so happy.” Aamir further shared his inclination towards strong women and said, “I like strong women - my first wife Reena and my second wife Kiran.

’ If you are an aggressive person, you will attack.

He is very bright, but I am allowing him to follow his own path." The actor had further added, "I don't want to do a remake, but in case we see a film that can be remade, and he is appropriate for the role, then you never know." Aamir Khan is now married to Kiran Rao, and they have a son together- Azad Rao Khan, who was born through surrogacy.“I know it’s their job but I hope they sleep well,” she said.Fatima is often spotted attending Aamir’s parties, and posing with his family – wife Kiran Rao and daughter Ira.The actor took the nuptial plunge with film producer, Reena Dutta in the year 1986 and eventually separated in 2002.Together, the couple has two kids namely, Junaid Khan and Ira Khan.

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