When to ask someone out online dating

Here is how to ask someone out (without, you know, being weird about it).

“Don't be vague with a question such as ‘Want to hang? "For example, ‘Do you have time for dinner Tuesday night? When it comes to dates, don’t make elaborate plans.

“If they are busy and don't give you an alternate option, then they aren't interested. “If they don't reply, then try one more time on another day,” Overstreet suggests.

If they are busy but offer an alternate time/day to meet, then they are interested but can't make the day you suggested.” If they make an attempt to reschedule, don’t view it as a rejection. “If they don't reply a second time, let them go and move on.” It’s pretty simple, really: If someone wants to go out with you, they’ll go out with you. Put in the effort, wait for reciprocation, and if you don’t get it, cut your losses and get on with your life. “For example, if you approach someone and they don't reply, are short with you, or move further away, then move on. Pay attention to body language and the vibe you’re getting—this takes some self-awareness.

If her response indicates she has a part of her weekend open, you can ask her out on a date. She may prefer to talk with you on the telephone prior to meeting you or may hesitate to give her number to a stranger -- either option is acceptable.

If she offers her number, ask her for a convenient time to call.

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