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Users who read messages or edit summaries from bots will generally expect a high standard of cordiality and information, backed up by prompt and civil help from the bot's operator if queries arise.

Bot operators should take care in the design of communications, and ensure that they will be able to meet any inquiries resulting from the bot's operation cordially, promptly, and appropriately.

Sysadmins will inform the community if performance issues of any significance do arise, and in such situations, their directives must be followed.

Bots that download substantial portions of Wikipedia's content by requesting many individual pages are not permitted.

This flag allows using the API to add metadata to edits for use in the New pages feed.

Bot accounts that have had no logged actions or edits for two years, where the listed operator has also had no logged actions or edits for two years, will be deauthorized.

Bot accounts should not be used for contributions that do not fall within the scope of the bot's designated tasks.

In particular, bot operators should not use a bot account to respond to messages related to the bot.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.In particular, the bot operator is responsible for the repair of any damage caused by a bot which operates incorrectly.All policies apply to a bot account in the same way as to any other user account.Bots which have previously edited while logged out should be retrofitted to use assertion or a similar function.The contributions of a bot account remain the responsibility of its operator, whose account must be prominently identifiable on its user page.

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