Viva la bam dating don vito

Bam Margera: Vito the whole world is laughing at you right now Bam's Uncle: No they're not Bam. Bam's Uncle: That's where it came from, Bam, Italy. Bam Margera: [Hangs head laughing] Bam's Mom: [after Bam and friends fill April's car with snow] I'm gonna have to call a cab Bam Margera: There is no cab companies in West Chester Bam's Mom: I'm gonna call the Purple Cab Company Bam's Crew: I've never heard of Purple Cab. Bam's Mom: [Few moments later April drives up the drive in Bam's purple Lambo] -in mocking tone- "There's no Purple Cab company"Bam Margera: [Everybody laughing] Get out of that! Hammer and nail and hammer, something and expect it to grow! Sitting hernwhaga ehhhm, just sitting glawhahwaglahhh. Bam Margera: Yeah, that's how you spell "pizza" it's not The Leaning Tower of pizza, jackass! [everybody laughs] Jimmy Pop: Have you ever tried calling you? And I even left messages, and I even say dirty things on it to think that will make you mad and all fired up, and you'll call me. Bam's Uncle: He's got no tiddly just joogle, you can't just goat duggle. Bam Margera: How the f*** do you have a six-pack at the age you are now? Bam Margera: Yeah, he got chubby- you're fullblown FAT! Bam Margera: Yeah, he got chubby- You're full blown fat! Bam's Uncle: What whisper then we'll get outta this town, and I can get outta this suit if I whisper? Bam's Dad: But your friends are there, doesn't that make you...

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The television career and autograph signings stopped.

When Bam learns that the legendary metal band Slayer are coming for a visit, the boys feel the need to do some redecorating and modifications to the new house.

Home improvements include installing an indoor mini-half, a pirate-themed bar, and a full-scale concert stage in the yard.

Bam's Uncle: Yeah Bam I just wanna go to the beach.

Bam's Uncle: ..stupid kazixta stupid country, datzall i know.

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