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A first year med-student, Omar has an easy smile and I decide he’s a nice guy. A couple hours later, I get a follow up text asking if I'd like to go out again. I air my frustrations to news editor Alyssa Bailey, who met her boyfriend on Tinder.We have a perfectly pleasant date with lots of wine, but no sparks or memorable conversation. "Did I tell you I used to have all my dating apps in a folder called Hell? Before my date with Kevin, I attend my friend's party where I have two drinks.Due to the difficulty and my deadline, I end up with zero dates. Dating is frustrating, exciting, awkward, and funny as hell.So, after four weeks of incessant swiping, texting, and lots of cocktails, I regret to inform you that I did not find the Benjamin Barry to my Andie Anderson. But more than anything, it's a learning experience of what you like, don't like, and are willing to endure—and for that I'm grateful.I talk for the most part and am rambling and it soon hits me that I'm kind of drunk—closer to a wine-happy drunk, but teetering towards a problematic, office holiday party drunk.After an hour or so, I mention that I have to be up early tomorrow and he grabs the check.

This wasn't too impactful for me, as I was scrambling to meet a deadline and messaging just about anyone with a phone and discernible online trail.

In retrospect, I truly don't believe I was out of line that night, even with all my chattiness.

Kevin may beg to differ though, seeing as I never hear from him again.

Damien has a "keep it 100" mentality, offering sage wisdom such as, "Money can't buy happiness." He's a designer at a popular clothing company and asks a lot of questions about my job. Our conversation beyond work is awkward and difficult and I find myself scrambling for topics to think of.

I answer, but he continues to press on the subject. Instead of taking his turn to ask a question, he just stares at me with a small smile on his face. "We had a lot of good conversation."Two days pass before I hear from Damien again.

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