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I sent the Smartlook video to our programmers to find out what was causing it. This is so much more than just looking at statistics.Before user recording tech, there wasn’t a good way for UX specialists to see what visitors were doing, so it was difficult to understand their behaviors.So, maybe the person advised to purchase a prepaid visa, so that payment could be made electronically to the IRS. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are ever in doubt, the only way to make sure it is a legitimate communication, is to call the company. I was almost scammed, by someone saying they were a relative of my husband and that they were at customs and couldn't be let through because he hadn't claimed how much money he had on him,(over of what was permitted) had someone pose as a customs agent and told me he had to leave a deposit, they would give him a form and he could claim money a consulate.The comment above didn't say the employee requested the payment be made to him personally via prepaid visa; it just states that he was advised to purchase a prepaid visa to ensure the payment was processed quickly to avoid further collections. However, never call by the phone number contained in the email. The so called cousin only had a couple of bucks on him and he wanted to see if I could wire money.

The Standard Chartered hotline offers a wide range of customer service and support solutions: Video chat Prefer face-to-face interaction?

I also have been scammed, his text messages and emails are still going through got email yesterday from him he hoped I was having fun messing with him, I am going to send texts and emails till he blocks me, just want to hear his nonsense It is your choice whether to submit a comment.

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