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Lily was killed in a car explosion, but Brenda remained with Jax.

After she was kidnapped to draw Sonny into a trap, she and Sonny were trapped together in a cave.

In May 2002, it was announced that Marcil would return to the series as Brenda Barrett.

In an interview with TV Guide, Marcil stated: When I signed a short-term deal last summer, I made it clear I'd have to see how my son responded to my going back to work. I'm really disappointed to be leaving, but I guess ABC's not willing to compromise on the things I need.

I told him I wanted to settle down for a while so that I could be available to my sister and my family, and that maybe during that time I could come in and out at GH for a couple of days a week.

I called [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons and asked him if he would have me back, and he was gracious enough to say yes.

During an interview in February 2011, Marcil revealed she'd entertain signing another one-year contract if it worked with her scheduling and family life.

In 1992, the 17-year-old drops out of boarding school and turns up on the doorstep of her older sister, Julia.

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On their wedding day, Brenda walked down the aisle with no groom at the end.Actress Vanessa Marcil premiered in the role of Brenda on General Hospital in September 1992.She remained with the series for six years before departing in September 1998.She lived with Jagger Cates for a while and became very good friends with Robin Scorpio.Brenda developed a rivalry with Karen Wexler due to Karen's relationship with Jagger.

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