Updating xml node using vb6

I've been trying to find a way for the PDF file to display the pages in order so that the person I'm sending it to can see the pages in order, just as if they were holding the hard copy of this newsletter in their hand. Thanks John =SUMPRODUCT(--(MONTH(A1: A100)=1)) BUT, that means a 5 year range would count ALL January dates regardless of year - is that what you want? Microsoft MVP - Excel Sys Spec - Win XP Pro / XL 97...Question regarding Trial Version I am not able to customize Forms (like Leads etc) using the trial version.Question on PDF format Using Publisher 2007, VISTA Utlimate. Excel Question How can I have 2 excel documents at the same time?? We get this NDR error when someone sends to this particular address: 550 Only 1 recipients accepted with null sender address Again, the emails are sent using Outlook to a listing in our GAL for the Custom Recipient. IE., If I reply to an email from someone that is not in my contacts list. Question #7Where are my old emails on my MSN email account? Final attempt save as binary question This is about my fifth attempt since March, so far without eliciting a single reply (last attempt seems to have disappeared into the ether): Re Excel 2007 "Save as binary". I can send email to an email account of the ISP that I'm on, while I can't send email to other domains. Quick Question Im a pretty newbie to Excel Why is it when i try and paste say 1/29 it changes to Jan-29 etc Is there away of preventing this from happening? Problem now sorted -- "G3�wh)z [email protected]" A further question on dates If you have a column of dates in the format dd-mmm-yyyy is there a formula which would count the number of entries where the month is Jan for example. ) but I am not sure what to put in place of the question marks.When I create a PDF file to send a 16 page newsletter (11 x 17) through an e-mail attachment, the pages display in the same order that they print out (page 16 is on the lefthand side and page 1 is on the righthand side, etc.). Joy Change the booklet setup to a regular page setup, 11 x 8.5. I have Excel 2000 and for some strange reason the software doens't allow me to have 2 documents open at the same time, I have to minimize one in order to open the other one... I have checked the outgoing messages and they do contain a sender address. I do not mind using a different date format if this would make it easier.now what i need to do is take whatever itemlookup code the user has selected in the combobox, and add that as a new entry to the transaction when they press ok on the userform.this is what i have right now for my command button click event: Private Sub cmd OK_Click() If c...newbie needs help - ACCESS - Word Is it possible to import into a Word Table or Excel spreadsheet x number of records so that you could have on a page, like four photos across and several lines text fields underneath and then repeat the whole thing again, for a total of eight records on a given page? Topics on Electronics Electronics is the field of manipulating electrical currents and voltages using passive and active components that are connected together to create circuits.Hello, i have used the same code but i cannot get the output.I downloaded your project and it works fine but my project inspite of having the same code isn't working well.

updating xml node using vb6-14

I've noticed more than a few differences between VB6 and VB10. Does this happen with 1.3 or is it only a upgrade problem? Any white papers or step by step that you could send me would be great. It is going to depend on the size font or the font itself.When we add Exchange users to the test domain they appear in the Default Global Address List.I would like to prevent users in the "test" domain from appearing in the default global address list. Would I benefit as far as computer speed on the net with a router that is an n router.Should Pop3 clients collect mail via the FE server? -- Regards Frank Kabel Frankfurt, Germany Robb wrote: have 2 documents open at the same time, I h... I need to know before I save a large and majorly important (to me) file with heaps of worksheets and macros and find down the track that I've lost something significant! Mail Delivery Question Hi, I have an Exchange behind a linksys router on an ADSL connection.I have read the FE BE Topography guide but there is not much information on re-assign... NDR Question again Well, while I'm at it, I might as well ask about this one that has been plaguing me for a while. Another Journal Question Is there a way to have it record for all contacts, not just the ones in my list? My server is configured to use DNS to deliver outgoing and my DNS has forwarding enabled to external DNS server. Taga R wrote: forwarding enabled to external DNS s...

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