Updating sharepoint

You should end up with something resembling the image below.

There’s three files that are included in that package: All you need to do is run the package, and it’ll take care of the rest.

My Share Point list is called Meagan Test Flow List and contains the corresponding fields Title, Tactic ID, and Record ID. You’ll need to add a new action and choose Share Point – Get items.

Be sure that you choose Share Point Get Item (items is plural).

It’s easier to just do that once at the very end of all our updates. Share Point 2013 with SP1 is installed, along with all the prerequisites. Note: You should make sure that you’re installing the Language Packs that include SP1.

If you’re looking to install any additional languages, now is the perfect time to do it. You can install them without their service packs included, but it just adds to the list of patches that you need to install, so I recommend using the link above to pick and choose the Language Packs to install.

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