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For a discussion of more complex configuration options, see Indexing Documents.

To configure a basic dedicated indexing POA: You could also use the /nomf, /notcpip, /norecover, /nonuu, and /nordab switches in the POA startup file to disable unwanted processing, then use the /qfinterval, /qfintervalinminute, /qfbaseoffset, and /qfbaseoffsetinminute switches to control the indexing schedule.

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If indexing is currently in progress, you can check the status of the indexing process on the Scheduled Events page.

Rebuild the individual user’s Quick Finder index by following thesteps in TID 7012997.

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In the resultant file look for thefollowing information: Quickfinder: Pending jobs = 868995 Files =59e67369.idx, 59ed0882In this example the user has 868995 items still to be indexed andthe 59e67369.idx, 59ed0882are associated with the user.

On the Group Wise server navigate to /path_to_poa/ofuser/index/ anddelete the and files identified above.

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