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Read full review All I can say my experience w/phone has been great.

No issue, no problems connecting, downloading, texting, calling.

I used the phone as a modem, but that feature evently went awry as my computer stopped recognizing that too (Think it was a security software upgrade).

I was happy to finally get rid of the phone and get hte new HTC Hero.

It constantly freezes up, It has also stopped giving "on screen" reminders from my Outlook calender. The process starts when I plug in the cable and then it stops after about a minute and tells me "Not Connected". I am going to invest in the expense of changing the sync cable for a craddle. Less My friend has been through three or four of these phones because there are hardware problems with each one.

Also, it appears these phones could break if you drop them once.

More There is a method that Bell Canad uses to "disable" your phone.

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I do not use this device with data services so probably have less problems than most. My computer would randomly stop recognizing the phone and I would... I had it for 2 years with Sprint and needed to reset it (take off the back cover and push the reset button) weekly. Synching became such a problem that I stopped doing it.

I use the phone for basics and mostly for the outlook clandar and am now afraid to sync for fear of further problems. My computer would randomly stop recognizing the phone and I would have to reinstall and often this created duplicate entries (contacts, calendar, etc).

A soft reset does not erase any data from your device.

If your GPS unit can't connect to satellites, can't pair with other devices or isn't functioning properly, perform a hard reset to fix the problem.

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