Updating os on palm pixi 1 4 5

Certainly not the last major carrier to adopt web OS into its lineup, AT&T customers have been fortunate to see Palm's once fledgling mobile operating platform make its entrance with the Palm Pre Plus.However, customers are now given a choice with the recent introduction of the Palm Pixi Plus – it surely feels late to the game, but it's nonetheless finally here.So can Palm finally really get this ship sailing, court the developers it badly needs, and deliver on the promises of web OS, or is it too little, too late? First off, there's not a lot to say about substantial hardware or software changes to either of these devices -- they are very much the same phones we've used (and reviewed) for Sprint.In fact, as a primer to this review, we suggest you take a look at our encyclopedic rundown of the Pre and web OS, and our more recent Pixi review for the basics.Finally, the 2-megapixel camera with LED flash and speakerphone can be found on the rear.You can remove the soft touch rear cover by yanking the bottom portion off first which will then give you access to the battery.

Although it's pretty responsive to the touch, it's unable to meet the level of brightness emitted by the Palm Pre Plus as things begin to disappear when using it in direct sunlight.

The left edge of the phone is completely barren, while the right side houses the micro USB port, which can be found behind a cover, adequatly sized volume rocker, and the silent switch.

To the top, you'll have access to the 3.5mm headset jack and a stiff feeling dedicated power button.

Most noticeable is the removal of the "home" button from the front of the Pre, and a slight change to its keyboard which makes the keys a bit clickier and less gel-like.

Palm also says it's altered the hinge mechanism and updated the build quality of the phone -- that seems to be true, though there are still issues to be found.

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