Updating multiple rows without cursor reena dutta dating

To begin with we'll declare a couple of variables and set their default values.

The first variable will hold the running total of Oscars while the second will be used to read each individual film's Oscars as the cursor moves through the record set.

In this final part we'll look at how you can use a cursor to modify data as well.

My plan was to raise an error when a circular reference was found but its saying 'Invalid use of 'RAISEERROR' within a function.'.To put the results we've calculated into the table we can replace our simple PRINT statement with an UPDATE statement.To make sure the correct values are added to the correct records we use the WHERE CURRENT OF statement to check the current position of our cursor.While the cursor is open, a table cannot be accessed or updated by the other users. Therefore, cursors can be avoided wherever they can by the set based operations.In this article, we will see how cursors process data and look at how and when we can replace cursors with JOINS.

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