Updating microsoft streets and trips interactive television dating

I finally had to turn of the routing, all I need in my life is another female telling me where to go! They acquire the map data from a company called Navteq. and i Guidance, even though I live in the same great white north as Ken.

Even a small slough at the side of HWY #1, no more than 50yd x 100yd, about two Kilometers east of Calgary is shown.

They make the Metroguide Canada product for Garmin.Although don't count on a lot of detail in many of the smaller centres even along those corridors.Outside of those areas (okay, farther than 2km outside) it's a crapshoot. Look south of Spruce View on Hiway 54 and see if you can even find the river without zooming all the way out.The Dickson Dam that creates the Gleniffer Lake has been there for years and years.Even though the Metroguide Canada map shows the Red Deer River it still doesn't show the dam or the road across it.

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