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Apple also releases system updates that keep your Mac secure and stable.

When a new major version of OS X is released, you can download the upgrade for free from the App Store.

Also note carefully that 2.3.1 Audacity on Mac is now a 64-bit application.

This means that if you are a user of previous Audacity versions on Mac and had installed the optional LAME and FFmpeg libraries then you must now install the 64-bit versions of those libraries.

Because of software patents, Audacity cannot include LAME or FFmpeg encoding software or distribute such software from its own websites.

Instead, use the instructions below to download and install the free and recommended third-party libraries for LAME and FFmpeg.

From here, run the mac OS update as you normally would to install the update – hopefully without a hitch.Then build Audacity from Git sources according to mac/Build.txt, linking to your self-installed copy of FFmpeg according to these principles.As stated in the introduction on this page, simply re-installing Audacity will not clear and reset your Audacity settings for preferences and plug-ins.As always, before performing a system update of any kind, make sure you have all of your sensitive data backed up.If you’re here because your Mac is already frozen – which I’m willing to bet most of you are – still, don’t worry. Just make backing up your data a priority in the future. If it’s clear that your Mac update isn’t going anywhere, then hold down the power button to turn off your Mac.

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