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But, unfortunately, many Macs and Mac Book models still rely on 'integrated graphics' to handle graphics, video and animation work.An integrated graphics processor is a small graphics chip that is actually part of the Mac's main processor (CPU) - rather than having a 'dedicated' graphics card (or GPU - 'graphics processing unit'), which is a completely separate graphics card that works alongside the main CPU in order to give graphics performance a much bigger boost.Link to Open GL support by Mac model have their own release for certain Mac GPUs - this is the current driver as of December 2015 However, they are predominantly for the Quadro series of aftermarket cards rather than default cards supplied by Apple.

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On my Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.11.2 and an Nvidia GT 650m card, Cinebench's Open GL test gives a very slight edge to Nvidia's drivers (~52 fps) vs. To hazard an educated guess, I would say that driver updates are most likely rolled into Mac OS X version upgrades and point updates.

Which one you get to use in any particular game etc is up to the writers of that game.

Traditionally, if your card has full Open GL support for the first monitor, it will also have it on the second, unlike many PC cards with 'clipped' performance on the 2nd monitor.

Note that I don't recommend installing Nvidia's drivers (especially beta ones) unless you know what you're doing, and you have a good reason to switch from the default (Apple-provided) ones that come with OS X.

The default drivers are probably more thoroughly tested and stable, less likely to break your Mac, and are supported officially by Apple.

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