Updating firmware on linksys wrt54g

There are alternative variations that add this support; see the forum posting "Tomato 1ND USB FTP/Samba Mod" for the list of features.

Warning: Be aware that Buffalo only has encrypted firmwares on their web site.

It's called firmware because it's not in the form of traditional "software" -- it's not on a moving disk.

It is stored on a non-volatile memory (NVRAM) chip.

Unbricking a WRT54G router There are many other features that this firmware supports.

I have just highlighted what I think might be of interest to some users.

To do: Need to reorganize as (1) General installation, (2) Device specific addenda, (3) Configuration adjuncts and recipes (adding features), (4) Config & operational notes on various topics -- Wrlee (talk) , 31 July 2009 (UTC) Once installed, you can load any other firmware file without these machinations, using the config menu item to load new (or old) versions of firmware, including OEM versions.

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Although there is an option to limit the download speed, it's often not recommended since what the router is really doing is dropping packets, which means they may need to be re-sent again over a slow Internet link.Recommendations (incomplete, because some settings are undocumented and their effect is not known): The following recommendations assume that you have some traffic that is critical and cannot tolerate lag, such as online gaming, and at the same time some other traffic that saturates your outgoing (upload) channel and interferes unfavorably with the critical traffic. You can prioritize ACK packets for absolute best performance.For example, every time one user uploads a file, another user experiences intolerable lag in an online game. Be aware that if this is checked, then P2P traffic (which is mostly ACKS) will be prioritized, which will wreck your QOS settings.You will not be able to revert back to Buffalo's firmware without an unencrypted version of their firmware.Vista note: Install the tftp client before continuing.

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