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setting alone employee Address Entity(address Entity) will not work. SQLState Conversion Delegate.convert(SQLState Conversion Delegate.java:129) at org.hibernate.exception.internal.

Query q = session.create Query("from Stock where stock Code = :stock Code "); Parameter("stock Code", "4715"); Stock stock = (Stock)q.list().get(0); for (Stock Daily Record sdr : Stock Daily Records()) session.delete(stock); In above cascade delete option, if you delete a Stock , all its referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ will be deleted from database as well.For e.g if audit using interceptor api is to be done in managed environment then we have no existing api to support this.We need to overload get Current Session() method, to accept Interceptor. audit ID, user Comment to be available to call back methods of interceptor.Abstract Entity Persister.insert(Abstract Entity Persister.java:3521) at org.hibernate.action.internal.Entity Insert Action.execute(Entity Insert Action.java:88) at org.hibernate.

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