Updating backup exec agents

Backup Exec setzt modernste Technologie ein, um lokale oder Remote-Daten auf praktisch jede Art von Speichergerät – auf Band, auf Festplatte oder in der Cloud – zu sichern. With the agents and options included, it can back up Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and virtual machines.

This donation provides one license for Veritas Backup Exec 20.

Backup Exec processes up to five remote computer installations concurrently.

Can I just download the Agent and install on Win2003 ? I have heard about Crashplan backup and there are a lot of videos about on youtube.

When Backup Exec is installed into an existing instance, the automated master database restore feature is not available.

To recover the Master database, you must replace it with the Master database copy that Backup Exec automatically creates and updates when the Master database is backed up.

I’ve used this method without data loss or issue; your mileage may vary.

If you install Backup Exec through Terminal Services and the installation media is on a shared drive (network share) you must use a UNC path. Before, you install Backup Exec to remote computers, you should review the special considerations.

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