Tyra dating shervin

became a staple name for her in High School and because of the constant name-calling and bullying, Winnie dropped out of school.The young model was so depressed and even considered committing suicide. Amidst all the name-calling, the young model came up with her own nickname, “ of the show before finally being eliminated.Besides her parents, Winnie lived with her two sisters.Talking about her education, Winnie did not go through normal High School life.But as we can see, the Canadian model gets half of her income solely from her modeling career.When we read the news headlines that a beautiful entertainer is dating a billionaire critics start speculating whether the woman's intentions are good or not.During Naomi Campbell's successful journey in her modelling career, she has walked the runway for the most elite designers, and her face was on the cover of fashion magazines that every model dreams of.

It’s no surprise since she gets a hefty sum from various endorsements, sponsorships, and campaigns.

Many people that were familiar with Richard Lugner’s antics were not surprised that while he was 84 years old, he eventually married a 24-year-old model named Cathy Schmitz after dating for seven months.

In 1991 Richard began the tradition of inviting beautiful celebrities to attend the annual Vienna Opera Ball with him.

Prince Alwaleed is known as the Arabian Warren Buffet with an investment portfolio that includes being a shareholder of Citicorp and the Four Seasons Dubai to name a few.

Ameerah is not only a fashion icon, but she is also a philanthropist that fell in love with the highly confident business man that is shrewd in his business dealings.

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