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“That explains what I feel from the stick, but I am very surprised they have not reclaimed them both. He’d also had Joel’s account in one of his brief spells in human form, but all he could say was that he’d been despairingly fighting the bonds Guayota had put on him as best he could, even while his tibicena form worried at the burned flesh on my arm, when he’d understood that I was offering him a hope of escape, a chance to reclaim himself and rejoin Lucia, and he’d assented. It had hurt, but he’d simply known that the other tibicena had to die, so he’d seen to it.

It is true Anna would have a claim on Carnwennan, and those blades belong together, but still.” He shrugged. Then he’d gone back to his presa canario form and settled at Lucia’s feet.

I’ve also tried quite hard to get the few words of Salish right, though some characters (such as the IPA marker for a glottlestop) may well not post accurately.

I started before ‘Hollow’, Fire Touched, and Silence Fallen were out, and have ignored them (in the case of Fire Touched with some relief, as I liked Lugh’s walking stick), as I have also ignored Dead Heat (without difficulty) and Burn Bright (with some distress — I liked Sage too) ; I have, though, tried to be reasonably canon-compliant as far as Night Broken.

It had also given me a soundtrack of increasingly guttural German curses as he took the old transmission apart while I buttoned up the Golf and washed my hands. Whoever did that was a butcher, not a mechanic, and a cack-handed butcher at that.” “Ja.” He grunted, poking another twisted bit of what had once been a cog loose with a hard finger. If she’d been going any faster when it went …” He looked up, eyes glinting. “Anyway, he didn’t recognise its new powers and cleverness and implied it was a fake. And I actually needed a walking stick while my foot healed.” He grinned, but only briefly. Coyote said he’d taught it to hide itself better and some other tricks. But the magic passed as abruptly as it had come, a wave passing on, and when I looked at him again Zee’s glamour was back in place and the sword nowhere to be seen. But that meant it was very un-fire-proofed Darryl, Auriele, and me who’d had to fight him until help arrived, and as man and Alpha Adam was not at all happy about that, especially as he and everyone else had thought for a while that I wasn’t going to make it.

“You should make sure Kyle knows the work was dangerous, not just shoddy and stupid.” “I will. And ap Lugh is not happy that the walking stick has returned to you again.” “His problem, Zee. And though he apologised to me, I bet he never bothered to apologise to it.” Zee’s eyebrows, always pretty bristly, were outdoing themselves. “Maybe not and maybe so, but he’s unhappy all the same. But what it learned from killing Blackwood or the River Devil and the otterkin I don’t know. ” I looked over to where I’d propped it by the office door, but it was already in Zee’s hands. So his protectiveness was in overdrive, and on top of that Christy was staying with Darryl and Auriele, and trying to rip at him whenever she could.

I also reached the first scenes involving a POTUS long before the present incumbent was elected, and after some soul-searching decided to ignore him too, hard as that is ; in this AU, my pointedly nameless POTUS may deserve some of Adam’s ire, but he doesn’t sell snakeoil, and I have contented myself with being rude about a different Donald for good plot reasons. It was overflow, I think.” “That was a lot of overflow, then.

Oh, and in telephone conversations, the distant speaker is in angle brackets — — and the present speaker, usually but (given wolf hearing) not always Mercy, is in standard inverted commas. Monday : Manitou Chapter One I’VE never much liked Golfs, however popular they might be in Europe, and this one had seen better days. Huh.” I fetched my phone from the office and hit the speed dial.

Patricia Briggs purists, take heed — this one spun way out of control, like one of those faery beasts from which one realises one should not have accepted a ride. In Night Broken Gary Laughingdog tells Mercy he senses the manitou of the Columbia River. That might be fun, but what sort of manitou would it be?

“The Marrok has as much right to them as any now living.” My eyes widened. Bran had stared at them both for a while with a look that told me he wasn’t only seeing them with his eyes, and then sighed gently.

“The pack bond with Joel is no different from any other pack bond, save that it runs through Mercy to Adam rather than the other way around.

I’m well aware I’m playing a little fast and loose with everything from US law and politics to the storage of nuclear waste, but I kept going (with one long hiatus and one shorter one) because I was having fun, and trying a first-person voice was interesting — even though the whole has turned out more than twice as long as a first-person novel should be. And I’m sometimes playing fast and loose with trans-Atlantic vocabularies as well, particularly when it comes to ‘trousers’ — sorry, speakers of American English, but ‘pants’ has so many other senses in British English that it just had to be ‘trousers’, however culturally incorrect.

By way of atonement, I’ve used ‘gray’ throughout, not ‘grey’, though it makes me itch, but I’ve stuck to ‘-our’ because I’m damned if I’ll be non-U, and I also draw the line at ‘programme’ — ‘program’ just looks too short to me.

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