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This led to the events of what is called “The Arab Spring”. During president Obama’ first trip to Egypt, he made a political speech at Cairo University indirectly attacking president Mubarak, who had already signed an agreement with Israel in order to solve the conflict with Palestine, was the representative of the Middle Eastern countries with the United States, and was considered one of the best friends of this country.

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Democrat Kucinich, who led the opposition of his party to the War, lost his curul, because of retaliation of the White House. The members of the Alliance promised to contribute money and weapons and they have done so up to now.

Hillary Clinton met the leader of the Free Syrian Army in Tunis and contributed million dollars to begin the revolution. A plus REBELS, took over ALEPO, an industrial city in Syria in a bloody combat, where both sides supposedly used chemical weapons. The Alliance and the Assad government had accused each other of using chemical weapons after Aleppo fell into the hands of the Rebels, and after many fruitless attempts to come to an agreement, in 2013, the parts involved in the conflict recurred to Russia, as independent third power, to solve the impasse.

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