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Totnes is a charming Devon town with a bustling main street and a regular market.Totnes has regular outdoor markets on Fridays and Saturdays.It is situated on Ramparts Walk and is a well-preserved 16th century building.The Hall, which was constructed in 1533, still serves as a council chamber.

The town was originally a fortified Saxon settlement, built to protect the upper reaches of the river from Viking raiding parties.Totnes Castle, a classic example of the Norman motte and bailey, dominates the skyline and offers splendid views of the town and Dart Valley from its ramparts.There was a Saxon castle in existence before the present building and there is even a rumour of an early Roman castle of some description.It was one of the five Devon towns originally mentioned in the and was one of the wealthiest towns in medieval Devon.The town’s wealth and prosperity came from the export of both wool from Dartmoor and locally mined tin.

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