Tips on dating conversation

I was always interested in her but under the circumstances I wasn't ready for a relationship.

I never crossed the line of showing my interest in her (apparently not, but more on that later)So we've moved on to different jobs but we still kept contact.

We said out goodbyes and went on our separate ways.

As I head towards my car and as she walked towards her place (she lives close by) I was pissed off that I couldn't find the courage to say it.

And then it hit me, I said to myself "fuck it" , turned around and ran to her.

I yelled out her name and as she crosses the street.

It’s just that I am very guarded against letting people in romantically. I saw a lot of posts that suggest therapy and that maybe a good place to start.

Background is that I lost a family member when I was younger!

Also, feel free to share your story and hope others can find advice that works for them! The other week, I was at a bar and I was talking to a friend[24F] of mine who I noticed was interested in me as she started getting touchy with me and viceversa. I was kindof interested in her and I'm definitely horny enough to have wanted to make out and stuff but for some reason I couldn't?

Yesterday was a bit different however, I joined a mixed group to play a few games of pool.

There was one particular girl that caught my eye and seemed really nice.

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