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Always, always remember that they are a person, and someone you love – with many strengths. If some of these strategies stop working, sit down and decide on new ones."Discern what their "triggers" are"Also keep on top of triggers – what sets off episodes for your partner.

They are not a diagnosis or a label or an illness."Make a plan of action"If your partner is open about having bipolar disorder, it's a good idea to decide between you the strategy, structure, and support you will use should he or she go through a manic or depressive episode. Notice and discuss any new ones and work together to find ways to avoid them. Yes, you might love getting drunk with your partner, but if you know alcohol triggers them (it can encourage depression) then is it really worth it?

I spoke to a woman the other day who was inspired to get help for her mental illness after she heard me speak.

I asked her if she knew where to start and she said NO.

Another thing that can be helpful is to let them do the things in the relationship that don't stress them out and help with things that do (as long as they don't stress you, too! For example, if you are both good at organising weekends away but doing budgets causes your partner anxiety, maybe let them organise the weekend and you do the budget."Look after yourself "Don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

"It really gave a new lease of life on our relationship," she told .I just wish at the time I'd had a better sense of what was going on. Be tactful"Suggest your partner seeks help or advice if you suspect they have bipolar but they have not sought a diagnosis (try to do this tactfully and in a positive, supportive way, for example, not in the middle of a fight or as a criticism).If they are on medication but their moods are wildly swinging, ask them gently (remember they are bipolar, not a child, their life is still their choice and you are not their parent) if they've remembered to take their medication and if they have decided not to, why that is.After we split up, I would lie awake feeling guilty and worried.I know that he continued receiving professional help and taking his medication, and from what I can see now, on Facebook and from the odd bits of conversation with the friends we still have in common, he looks well and happy, and that makes me happy. Sheri Jacobson, Clinical Director of Harley Therapy, who specialises in short and long-term counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy for a range of issues including depression and manic depression, about how to help your partner if they are suffering from bipolar disorder, and how to ensure that you too, remain happy.

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