The future of online dating

It’s why so many people who’ve felt confused about what was real and what was fake, talk about feeling as if they knew this person already very quickly.Alarm bells should ring when someone (and yes, that includes you) pushes or assumes intimacy that doesn’t reflect reality.This means that both have to be manned by people who are not just natural matchmakers, but adept businesspeople, who understand market growth, advertising, recruitment of fresh clientele.As more and more entrepreneurs realise the potential monetisation of romance, the US Dating Services Industry expects revenue to slow down, reaching only moderate growth in the near future as the market becomes saturated. At The Vida Consultancy, we remain distinguished within the industry of love by providing our clients with a unique approach, combining psychological principles and assessments with character-driven profiling and business expertise, creating a personable and warm framework in an increasingly cold, impersonal world.If those bells don’t ring, you’ll override other information that suggests the need to slow down.

In truth, emotionally available people with integrity are responsible with their words.

It could be argued further that dating apps have warped people’s expectations of what romance even : too many potential partners can create an indefinite (and therefore harmful) expectation of each partner being ‘more perfect’ than the last.

There is a danger that, when people actually do begin a relationship to which they wish to commit, the normalisation of short-term, emotionally-void relationships will lead to an inability – or even unwillingness – to patch things up when the situation goes awry.

A matchmaker is a friend, a concierge, a therapist, a coach, a counsellor, a confidante, a person who can make your dreams come true, find you that special someone – and help heal that broken heart.

Contact us today and see that, whilst futuristic technology is all very well, you cannot beat the human touch.

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