The economics of dating

Image Credit: Liz Fosslien Have you ever considered dating an economist, and if yes, what did you decide?If you are puzzled by this question, there are plenty of resources, which can help you to find an answer.How Nobel Economic Prize Winners Solved Dating Problem – an explained application of Alvin Roth’s and Lloyd Shapley’s work to finding the One.3.An Economist Goes to a Bar and Solves the Mysteries of Dating – a quest of understanding what makes people desirable, including the results of a speed-dating experiment by Ray Fishman.4.The amount of material on this topic found by searching Google and the number of jokes made clearly indicate that it is indeed a hot topic, even more so on a Valentine’s Day.Some articles, like 21 Reasons Why You Should Never Date an Economist by INSEAD, give quite an explicit answer.But even without knowing much about economics, I didn’t feel l2.5 stars I shouldn’t have ignored the negative tilt to the reviews of this awkwardly-titled book, but the concept was interesting and so I read it anyway.But even without knowing much about economics, I didn’t feel like I learned very much from it, aside from becoming more familiar with some econ vocabulary.

Let’s start with How Economics Can Get You a Date – an exploratory video by Tim Harford2.

It seems like everyone is a little disappointed with this book: if they wanted dating advice, it had too much economics; if they wanted economics, it had too much goofy discussion of online dating.

I read it impulsively and quickly, with no particular expectations, so I found it diverting enough.

Flores, an assistant professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in Dating and Job-Hunting, and what happens when academics get into online dating in Geek Love: Dating While Academic and Other Misadventures.

This week, Kaley and Sarah tackle the economic realities of dating. How do we avoid making dating a privileged person's game? Also, if you want a chance to win a gift card to Yogen Fruz, please tweet #healthybrain at @ydypod.

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