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Inculcation of a safety culture requires that, in training personnel for nuclear plants, particular emphasis be placed on the reasons for the establishment of safety practices and on the consequences in terms of safety of failures on the part of personnel to perform their duties properly.

Special emphasis must be placed on the reasons for the establishment of safety limits and the consequences in terms of safety of violating them.

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Changing a culture of fear and blame can therefore be difficult.

Late at night on 26 April 1986 in the then USSR, a team of nuclear workers prepared to conduct a test on Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as part of an otherwise routine shutdown.

The exercise was to test a modified safety system and determine how long the reactor’s steam turbines would continue to power to the main coolant pumps following a loss of main electrical power supply.

Leadership plays a vital role in driving forward such changes…

In a follow up article, The 3 Main Conclusions and Findings from New Research about Culture Change in Organisations, it was noted that research has shown that at work “most people take their cultural cues for behaviour and beliefs from the following areas of their life” in descending order: UPDATE 8 December 2016: Aerossurance founder, Andy Evans, presented on the topic of safety leadership at a UK CAA helicopter safety culture seminar today.

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