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- Tennessee has followed this same eastern regulatory trend, but to a lesser degree of regulation than in many other states. - However, of necessity, eastern states have been transitioning into a system of "regulated riparianism" as agencies, rules, and permitting come into play.However, problems develop when that primary assumption may no longer be true.If all rights holders and reasonable users must be accommodated, then in times of shortage or when more riparians begin to exercise their rights, all users are subject to .This fact stands in contrast to much of our modern environmental protection law and water pollution control regulation which has been federalized, or at least one can say that delegated programs and federal standards provide a similar base in every state, onto which states may add their own enhancements and special priorities. Many people are aware that our western states’ common law on water is generally very different from that historically prevailing in the eastern states.

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Factors that affect the determination include the following: (a) The purpose of the use, (b) the suitability of the use to the watershed or lake, (c) the economic value of the use, (d) the social value of the use, (e) the extent and amount of harm it causes, (f) the practicality of avoiding the harm by adjusting the use or method of use of one proprietor or the other, (g) the practicality of adjusting the quantity of water used by each proprietor, (h) The protection of existing values of water uses, land, investments and enterprises, and (i) The justice of requiring the user causing harm to bear the loss.” A riparian system is based upon the assumption that water resources are plentiful and generally sufficient in quantity and quality for all reasonable users.The senior holder is entitled to his full claimed quantity from the shared source before the junior holder gets anything, regardless of the relative values of the beneficial uses to which each is putting the water.Such rights must continue to be used in order to be maintained in this priority system.Also, such rights may be severed and sold separately from real property interests.Naturally, appropriative rights established in this manner can lead to waste and to allocations that are not in the best interest of the community overall.

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