Teen dating on line

Don’t get me wrong; teens don’t belong on online dating sites.

As they enter the world of dating, it should be with people they know in a real world context, not a cyber-world context.

And it’s like, an easier way to find other people in the area.

I downloaded Tinder in April of 2019 to search for underage users on the platform for this story (I’ve changed the names of the users I interview for the sake of their privacy).

The process of downloading the dating app took me less than a minute.

Tinder didn’t ask for my age or require me to link to my Facebook or other existing social media accounts. For my first profile, I used an actual photo of myself as well as my real name and actual age.

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Using the dating app’s toggling age form, she chose “18,” the youngest available option, and wrote “actually 17” on her profile. For others, it had become a safe place to experiment with their sexuality.Thinking I might find more under-18s if I posed as an 18-year-old, I deleted my account and made a new one with the same picture, same name, and a different email in the same span of time.I also pressed Tinder on their age verification standards, but they did not respond to requests for comment.Parents need to help their teens understand that all is not necessarily as it seems; they need to be extremely careful with what they share online.They shouldn’t tell strangers where they live or go to school, for example.

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