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Also, this is the second gay character Kitsch has portrayed on HBO following his role in The Normal Heart.

That's somewhat unusual for an actor of questionable sexuality; but he is Canadian so it might mean nothing.

The threeway story was me making shit up to entertain someone who asked for gossip about Sebastian Stan in the Let's Play "Out That Closet Case! I look forward to it showing up as a blind on CDAN. That could be a sign of progress in Hollywood that his agents let him do that.

The media isn't interested unless it's an A-lister who makes a spectacle of themselves, hello George.The glass closet makes it too easy to have it both ways.That "he's so cool, would come out if he were gay" line has been used before to describe James Franco, and I never bought it. are requesting this consent on behalf of their affiliates, which will use the information under their respective privacy policies. On being single: “You sacrifice so f-ckin’ much [as an actor].

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