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After crushing, or compelling alliance of, various nations Alpilzuri, Alcidzuri, Himari, Tuncarsi, Boisci, Huns reached Alani, Don Alans crushed by Huns.Part of Alans joins Huns in advance to Europe Jordanes, XLVIII, 249.Assyrians called Cimmerians Gimirrai (Hebrew Gomer; Gen.

They make up Uruk culture, with principal city Uruk, Biblical Erech.

A strong stone and mortar wall surrounds capital Neapolis Scythia of Royal Scyths in 200 B. Of note is a mausoleum that contains seventy-two richly furnished tombs, which are probably representative of royal Scythian house Asi (Yazig), Pasiani (Budini/Been/Peenek), Tocharian, Sabir (Sabaroi) tribes break into Sogdiana and Baktria. Scythians "lived in very small numbers at Araks River...gained country in mountains up to Caucasus, in lowland on coast of Ocean (Caspian Sea) and Meot Lake (Azov Sea) and other territories up to Tanais River.

In next five years two Parthian emperors loose their lives in wars. Tribe Pu-ku/Bu-gu is repeatedly mentioned in different Chinese sources from 103 BC up to 8-th century AD. Parthian nomads from east of Caspian Sea conquered Kabul River Valley, with Taxila and Pushkalavati as their twin capital cities in Gandhara, from Scythians.

Kushans extended their rule into northwest India and Bay of Bengal, south into Bahawalpur and short of Gujrat, and north till Kashghar and Yarkand. AD 200-370: Invasions by Goths., who colonize and mix with local populations.

They made their winter capital at Purushapura, City of Flowers, now called Peshawar, and their summer capital north of Kabul Dionisus Periegetes (end of 1st - beginning of 2nd c.) maps and talks that on Northwestern side of Caspian sea live Scythians, Uns, Caspians, Albanians, and Kaduses, of Huns living next to Caspian Sea Sak (Gr. AD) writes that in European Sarmatia below Agathyrsi (Akatsirs, Tr. Tervingi branch consolidated their realm between Dniestr and Danube, and became known as 'Visigoths'.

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