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Participating students must demonstrate that they can carry out a research project to a high specification, responding to the direction of a local scientific organisation.

The first known writers to locate Homer earlier than Hesiod were Xenophanes and Heraclides Ponticus, though Aristarchus of Samothrace was the first actually to argue the case.Students are advised to enquire as to individual university entry requirements, e.universities now require GCSE English and Mathematics at Grade C or above for Nursing.If you have a job, we recommend that you do not work more than 15 hours per week due to the intensity of the Access course.Maybe not quite apocalyptic, but this goes with the ' Mad Max" trilogy.Loads of nudity, Rapist Militaristic Biker Guys with gas masks, strange cult like dudes with robes, bunches of horny people, hilarious kung-fu action and scenes straight outta'...

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