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THE EVENTFUL SECOND DAY I must have just touched my breakfast when the physical therapist came back the second day earlier than expected to begin my walker exercise as planned.I asked him to return after I was done with my first sponge wash scheduled with the Patient Nurse Technician (prior titled as Nurse Aide) that morning.INTRODUCTION I decided to write this experience because I believe there are layers of lessons that could be gleaned from it, as I did, including taking a more circumspect view on what is life; consequently the appreciation of my own life was greatly enhanced and enriched.Life is a line it has a start point, and one can draw the line as long as her/his heart desires but it always has an end point.No doubt saving lives is its noblest goal, and the hospital is the place that does it best.There is no other institution that competes in this goal.He was the same physician I conversed with a few minutes earlier during his rounds.The stat orders were for multiple tubes of blood chemistries and baseline CBCs, hook up of a 500 cc of normal saline solution, a continuous running hard copy of my EKG, IV administration of potassium chloride, and magnesium sulfate, and continual monitor of electrolytes, and lastly 250 mg of amiodarone, executed in orderly sequences; while many eyes were affixed on me and the different monitors, mine roamed at the panorama of somber faces of the code team members working furiously.

The internist who cleared me for surgery days before in his office and who just made the rounds was not quite out of the ICU when he rushed back aghast to a commotion triggered by a code call.Needless to say, it was a restless night, I was tethered to a dripping IV fluids, a calibrated pump to be self administered to control post-surgical pain, various monitoring devices for vital signs, EKG leads over the chest, at least two or three ready to-be-used catheterized open veins, was catheterized to relieve bladder fullness, (350 cc ) but was thankful and gratified nonetheless when I was able to move all my toes freely, following spinal anesthesia particularly when the surgery lasted longer than planned, because of some computer glitch.Lower limb paralysis is a very rare complication of spinal anesthesia.Now I noticed how my right knee despite the bandage had swelled up to the size of a baby’s large head making the whole leg not easy to lift.The swelling was attributed to the soft tissue trauma of surgery and subcutaneous blood thinner I was on.

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