Stepdaughter dating older man

I came into the relationship with a young daughter which he accepted but never really became close to.

Recently, I have such an uncomfortable feeling that my boyfriend might be attracted to my fifteen year old daughter.

Another time my boyfriend made a comment about something like “old enough to go alone to the store, old enough for a pounding” (something like that, but not 100% sure), but I had asked him if that’s how guys really think, but he wouldn’t answer me.

Then our friend said something like how is she doing and my boyfriend said again she is trouble!

I was curious what he meant by this comment since it made no sense to me and he had said it twice.

The two of you might come up with some clear rules, for example, about what is appropriate for her to wear at home.

To further keep things clear emphasize how she is her own person with her own look and that she shouldn’t be urged to look as you once did.

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