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I explained that I didn’t need meals brought to me, just some company – and not a single person signed up.My boyfriend had been so supportive ever since I told him about my quest to become a mum.I took my son to playgroups where I cried into cups of tea made for me by another adult, for a change.It felt humiliating explaining to my NCT group that my partner had left us, and that he wouldn’t be seeing my child either, because there was no relation.Most of them built up their support network over a period of months during their pregnancy, moved closer to relatives or in with their mum, or made other adjustments to accommodate their increasing need of support prior to the baby’s arrival.

Instead, I would spend my evenings at home nursing my contented baby, then meet other mummies for coffee mornings and days in the park.I struggled on at home, scrambling to fill the day and clutching on to contact with other adults against the fog of sleep deprivation.As my son started nursery and I returned to work, I enjoyed using my business brain again, engaging in regular contact with my colleagues and enjoying child-free lunch breaks.Here is a selection of the stories from Fertility Month so far - and you can find all Fertility Month content here. Since then, she has become an author, speaker and coach on the subject.

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