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Any time there are two baptized people who have a valid marriage, it is ipso facto a sacrament.An example of this would be if baptized Methodist Jane married baptized but now agnostic Zack before the justice of the peace.This would be both valid and sacramental, due to the baptisms of the marrying parties.-One Protestant and one unbaptized person before a minister or justice of the peace The Church would consider this to be a valid marriage but not a sacrament because both parties are not baptized.My husband, with great enthusiasm, laid out the following marriage scenarios and the Church’s take on them.–Two Catholics with canonical form To satisfy canonical form, a priest or deacon must ask for and receive the marrying parties’ consent in the name of the Church in the presence of at least two witnesses.The Church considers this marriage to be valid and sacramental, due to the baptisms of both spouses.

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-One Catholic marrying one baptized non-Catholic Christian with canonical form Only Catholics are bound by canonical form.

Therefore, even if only one marrying party is Catholic, canonical form is still required.

In most cases, this will be done in a church or oratory, however it’s not required to satisfy canonical form.

For example, John and Suzie, both baptized Catholics, are married during a wedding Mass.

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