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The Guatemalan Civil War that raged between 19 disproportionately victimized Mayans, and that's a history you see reflected in the clothing as well.

"The political upheaval changed the style of dress," noted Di Placido, adding something as basic as dyes were made of what was available.

Mayan women also no longer feel constrained to represent their village with their dress. That said, there's a keen awareness of how their tradition has been culturally appropriated by non-indigenous designers and even the Guatemalan government, keen to use the art form to promote tourism.

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Mam is a Mayan language spoken by about half a million people in throughout Central America.

Today, cloth is often purchased instead of woven by backstrap loom.

now feature computer generated designs, sparkly rhinestones, and even cell phone pockets.

For thousands of years, Mayan women have woven their own fabrics, and embroidered on top of that to create works of art to wear on holidays and at religious ceremonies.

In many ways, this dress has become iconic: what we think of when we think of modern Mayan culture.

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