Shahid kapoor and amrita rao dating

Amrita also added that Shahid qualifies as more of a co-star than a friend. ” she stated “We shared a cordial relationship while shooting for Satyagraha.” Commenting on competitive pressure, Amrita stressed that looks mattered as much as a performance.

“While on the one hand the media expects us to be down-to-earth, on the other it does not want us to repeat our shoes,” she said.

Aishwarya Rai Sonali Bendre Sonam Kapoor Deepika Padukone Kareena & Karishma Kapoor Celina Jailtley Amrita Rao Genelia DSousa Lara Dutta Priyanka Chopra Amisha Patel Preity Zinta Mahima Choudhury Rani Mukherjee Esha Deol Kajol The Rumor about Amrita having a twin started when one of Amrita's fans stated that he is dating Amrita Rao, later he changed his status to " Sorry guys i meant i was dating Amrita Rao's Twin sister" .

This lead to a lot of speculation among fans on that particular forum site, and the rumor thus begain.

Shahid Kapoor had got it all, a super hit film in his bag, dancing talent, acting prowess, a Filmfare award in his hand and an upcoming movie produced by Karan Johar's Dharma productions.

But the one thing the actor doesn't have in his life is a lover or say a love life.

kareena kapoor has dated shahid kapoor in the past and is not with amrita rao even though they look good together mostlt because they have mad great movies together.

Rumour has it that Shahid and Kareena Kapoor broke up because of her, but Amrita begs to differ.

“I always maintained silence because I knew that time had its own way of revealing the truth and it has, today,“ she said.

While the speculation over his availability status continues, we take a look at the women Shahid has dated so far.  Shahid's first girlfriend in the showbiz industry as his first co-star, Hrishita Bhatt.

The duo made their debut in Aryan's music video Aankhon Mein.

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