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There is evidence that sexual bullying is increasing and it is linked to domestic violence and other gender-based violence such as rape and sexual assault.

A survey in 2006 by the teenage girls’ magazine 'Sugar' revealed that 45% of teenage girls surveyed had been groped against their wishes.

However, any child should be able to play with any toy as part of their healthy development and not be judged for this.

This comes into play in the world of employment too and a young person should be encouraged to make career choices based on their interests and skills and not their gender.

These let you download, search and share a wide variety of files on multiple p2p networks easily.

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56% of unwanted sexual experiences occurred for the first time when girls were under 14 years old.

They can keep a diary of all incidents as evidence and take screenshots if the bullying is online.It is very common for sexual bullying to go viral both offline and online with no let up for the person on the receiving end.Boys are just as much victims of sexual bullying as girls.Sexual bullying is a serious issue that needs to be tackled.Although there is no official definition, sexual bullying is a behaviour, physical or non-physical, where sexuality or gender is used as a weapon against another.

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